Created with care and precision by a team of exceptional examiners to demystify digital examinations.

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We created mypretest to provide highly accurate digital examinations with detailed detailed feedback to assist students, parents and educators preparing for various digital exams.

Our exam creators are specialists, here’s how we can help:


ISEB Pretest

Perfect preparation for the ISEB Common Pretest. Our exams cover the entire examinable syllabus across Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning.



Designed for the GL CAT4 Cognitive Abilities test, our resources and exams focus on the exact question types and difficulties students can expect to encounter.



The UKiset is sat by applicants from 11+ through to 16+. In addition to understanding the types of question asked, it’s vital to practice at the correct difficulty level too- we can help!


CEM Select

Cambridge Assessment’s CEM Select Test, and variations used by numerous schools are often shrouded in mystery. The question types are different from other digital examinations so it’s vital to be prepared.

Why do mypretest students excel?

Comprehensive examinations

Our examiners have created all resources to replicate the exact style, content and difficulty of the actual tests.

Peer group analysis

Upon completion of our tests, feedback of performance is provided as absolute values, and in comparison to peers.

Easy to understand explanations

After completing a test, a full breakdown of the answers are made available, with detailed explanations for every question. 

Topic specific tests

After identifying areas of weaknesses, we highly recommend topic specific practice. We’ve designed assessments for every examinable topic, at various levels of difficulty, to aid preparation. 


ISEB Pretest Practice Exam 1


ISEB Pretest Exam 1


CAT4 Exam 1




ISEB Pretest Exam 2





Utilising extensive research and teaching experience, we have created high quality exams to prepare for the entry requirements of the most competitive schools in the UK and abroad. Our exams aim to replicate the difficulty, format and style of these timed assessments providing unrivalled familiarity with what is to be expected. We are experts in the field and aim to facilitate ALL children reaching their true academic potential.

Why trust us?

Our team consists of experienced educators all having graduated from Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, Princeton or Stanford. We have three major things in common - an education from the most competitive UK schools (thereby unrivalled first hand experience of entrance exams), passion for the application of real, cutting-edge technology within education & an ideology that all children are capable of achieving whatever they want to. This is what we do.

Part of the myexampapers family

In addition to mypretest, our team has developed a series of examination papers and resources targeting the written assessment for the most competitive UK schools. Liaising with students, parents, teachers and education institutions, we have prepared papers and mark schemes to emulate the style and difficulty unique to each school. Our aim is to equip students with the precise tools needed to feel confident and prepared.

What People Say

CAT4 Exam

"My son and daughter both struggled immensely with their first CAT4 exam. The CAT4 practice exams were essential to identify Spatial Reasoning as being the most difficult area which we mastered using mypretest. Highly recommended for international families applying to UK schools."

Dr Wang | Father of CAT4 candidates

Medical Doctor | NHS

ISEB Pretest Exam

"We used mypretest to prepare our son for the ISEB Pretest. We quickly found out his main weakness was the time pressure of the VR and NVR components of the exams. We used the topic specific tests, under strict timed conditions, to practice. Our son gained offers from Westminster School, St Paul's Boys School and Eton College - we're ecstatic!" 

Mr & Mrs Sharma

Parents of ISEB Common Pretest candidate


"Our UKISET students have used Atom Learning to prepare for the digital reasoning exams. However, they’ve stated that questions are highly repetitive after a months use. We now use mypretest to provide all students with unique full length mock exams, to regularly assess candidates. Results have improved significantly since!"

Mr Lo

Director of Athena Tuition

CEM Exam

"This platform has the most accurate reflection of the CEM exam that we’ve come across! Especially the drag & drop and autocomplete questions which were extremely difficult to practice before using mypretest. We’re delighted that our daughter got into our top choice Grammar school- we’re thrilled!"

Mr & Mrs Rutherford

Parents of CEM Select Candidate